My name is Mich, I'm 20 years old and I'm a film student from Brazil. I'm a member of the creaturegroup.
Kootra is the bae.

au where the creatures have a snapchat

Anonymous: Kootra has a snapchat? Or is it Aleks? I wanna know :o

oh no, the edits were made by jon-risinger :) they’re not real snapchats

KootraHD + snapchats

i haven’t curled my hair since 1912


Aleks is such a punk


Aleks is such a punk

aw im gonna have to leave ;-; i wanted to see james and jordan shopping for a steam stuff but yeah i’ll do that when i come back :) bye

scremies replied to your post: kootra is streaming and james is with …

the shark hat is still alive bless

o o oh yes !! he looks cute as fuck!

but also, the internet in the office is not alive antibless

kootra is streaming and james is with him! yaaaasss

Anonymous: how do you make such great gifs?? :O

eeeyy thank you buddy! :D
but i guess that the secret~ behind it is just practicing. following tutorials will help you too, a lot. like when you’re trying gifs for the first time or even if you already know how to make gifs but you want to improve them or find a style… tutorials are your best friends haha after a while you’ll get the vibe and you’ll find your own style (of colouring and stuff). i get really happy when people come to me like “i knew that was your gif” or things like that, idk man it makes me happy. :)


 My one true wish in life is to see Jordan in a beanie.